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April 2, 2012
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If you watch someone because of this article, please let them know how you found them! :aww: Thanks! :love:
Under Appreciated
Hidden Talent: Photography
Watchers: (as of 03/02) One

Hidden Talent: Traditional Art
Watchers: (as of 03/02) Seventy-Three
Grim Resolution by andreamichaelDaneodin - Commission by andreamichaelSprockett - Commissioned Portrait by andreamichael
Hidden Talent: Photography
Watchers: (as of 03/02) Twenty-Four
Lady II by LHS1505Mister Gorgeous by LHS1505Give me that look VIII by LHS1505

Hidden Talent: Photography
(as of 03/02) Thirty-One

Autumn Is Coming by SofticutYellow Fields by SofticutLost by Softicut

Hidden Talent: Traditional Art
Watchers:  (as of 04/01) Sixty-One
summer morning by echdhuSkewbald by echdhugrey horse by echdhu

Hidden Talent: Traditional Art
(as of 04/01) Fifty-Seven

Hidden Talent: Traditional Art (Stylized)
(as of 04/01) Ten
RacePegasus by DragonOfStarsHenry by DragonOfStarsRaceHorse by DragonOfStars

Hidden Talent: Traditional Art
(as of 04/01) Seventy-One
Vladimirsky horse by VeronikaFrizzAkhal teke by VeronikaFrizzOrlovsky trotter by VeronikaFrizz

Hidden Talent: Traditional Art
(as of 04/01) Forty-Four
Frisian Mare by snapshot1989Hot Spot by snapshot1989Welsh-Cob by snapshot1989

Neighing Newbies
Gallery Focus: Photography
Joined: Feb. 22nd
Horse01 by farid7Arabian beauty by farid7Details by farid7

Gallery Focus: Digital Art
Joined: Jan. 22nd
Akhal-Teke Stallion by Piastra97Soprana by Piastra97Bremen/Mr. Plum by Piastra97

Gallery Focus: Photography
Feb. 13th
horse hanno by azul00horse arabian by azul002 D'Amour VDL by azul00

Gallery Focus: Traditional Art
Mar. 13th
Merriweather by DesignsbyDannieJuly by DesignsbyDannieCastol by DesignsbyDannie

Gallery Focus:
Traditional Art
Mar. 22nd
Paint Horse by FlyingFancy1Rodeo 2 by FlyingFancy1Horse in Bosal by FlyingFancy1

Inspirational Equine Work
Artisan Crafts
Horse and Jockey by doctorreplenPony Platter by AcuteCatTrojan war horse I by RixModelsIndia2 by olllga81Spirit ooak Unicorn by AmandaKathrynZanzibaar, CM breyer ASB by LobaDeLagoGoal by paperhorsesPrzewalski's Horse by Lobster-BallFluttershy Mini Amigurumi Plush 4 by RTakeshi:thumb288065574:Flatbar Horse by LadyDracosunicorn Loz_another angles by RedBastPrincess ooak Unicorn Pony by AmandaKathrynHorse Gourd Bottle by WarpwnyDaenerys body by FriesianFury

Howdy by Darya87.: Good Gone Girl :. by Shien-RaDetermination by SharaizaBay Tobiano Realistic by VizserynUndefeated by mangakasanEarly Modern by Lenika86Comission-Searaaidan by onlysanCharred by LeasheDown from Heaven by GoldenPhoenix100Babieca by CvidalA cowboy and his horse by ManweriCommission: I am gonna win this race! by Naia-ArtBlue Roan by mJackson:thumb289024846:Baron by Naia-Art

[commish] Acqua by SheSaidNevermoreyou've been spotted by theinferiorone:thumb292542160::thumb290472345:.: Anya :. by Snow-driftsElemental - Earth by artorifreedomRiptide by SheSaidNevermoreCOMMISSION - Inferno by Aquila-ArtBEAT OF THAT DRUMMER. by seaside6188168- comm: bring on the world, by V-alkyrieSONG OF MYSELF by Everyll'  V I V A  L A  V I D A by Acciofoxjust a journey by YumpyAn Angel from Hell by YumpyHP Submission One by xxNiienWHO'S GONNA SAVE MY SOUL by TheMidasTouchBraydan by feverpaintHeaven On Earth... by snofoxx89Dawn of the Fireflies by aphrodite-designsSpill Over by Stellabella2dox, jr. by opaque-studios


Golden on the white by Vikarus:thumb289222233:Storm 6 by ponyexpressedTrotting Through The Field. by pasofino6Krasavchik rearing up by VikarusHorses by Pawssouarabian horse by ketkezInnocence by ThroughHerEyezLost by SofticutKart Blansh by VikarusArabian horse by salhulou

Pixel and Animation
Free- Gray Horse Jumping by AltairasSweet Commission by AnimalArtKingdomDream-Catcherz Commission by Meesha-MooOopsie Daisie! by Corette-StudiosFree avatars: Jumping by BronzeHalohorses can love's avatar by mrbun26Big Buck by Crystal852unicorn sparkle by littlenickyKida Commission by Meesha-MooFlying Horse by DarkmaneTheWerewolf:thumb290242895:

Pensif by gwendyydAndalucian horse by Anneliini:thumb293566674::thumb292576856:The Grey by Stephanie-GreavesHorse Eye by HowlechoBad Dog by beckymillerartistGhost Spots by Fire-n-ashDarsai Gely by Kantaka1Arab Speed Painting by Fire-n-ash:thumb291563862:Darsai Gely by Kantaka1Arts II by DenisaKc:thumb289227057:Mighty+Bo by JustABeautifulDream:thumb289118876::thumb289937174:Skinless On Skin II by AnnaNicolaThe horse among the flowers by olgaprokopThe Woodland Guard by pallanophRoughhousing by merrileeThe Whisper by rtistjMy Handsome Mitch by SREquineImages


Q: What is "Project Equine"?
   A: It's my way of bringing together all corners of the vast dA Equine Community by showcasing the most inspirational work from each category in one place at one time.

Q: How often will the issues come out?
A: Hopefully, once a month! (Health willing!)

Q: What prompted you to start doing this?

A: I was so inspired by Astralseed's Project Porkchop and MichelleWalker/Cricketwing's Horsin' Around that I decided to do something similar! :aww:

Q: How do you find the deviations you feature?
   A: I browse through the newest deviations for "horse" under all categories at the end of every day. I find it's a great way to wind down   before bed!

Q: What do you consider "under-appreciated"?

A: A deviant with exceptional talent that has under 100 watchers.

Q: What do you consider a "newbie"?
A: Someone, who at the time the issue is posted, has only been on deviantART for 6 months or less.

Q: If I know someone I think should be featured, can I note/comment with my suggestion(s)?
 A: :new: Yes! Please title your note something along the lines of "Suggestion for Project Equine". You cannot suggest yourself.

If you see any work featured that is stolen or suspected of copyright infringement, please send me a note! Thanks!
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Fillyfalls Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm so glad you're doing this, I've found new people to watch--who definitely deserve much more attention and to be brought to light more often. Thank you c:

May I also suggest ~PortraitsbyCaroline ~DistortedRationality ~Vianden ~luxsac ? I realize I should probably note this, but dA has a tendency to send my notes multiple times even with one click and I wouldn't want to spam you :lmao:
Crazy-Sparkles Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! It's comments like this that make the hours of browsing per-volume worth it! :w00t: I did take a two-month break, but I'm hoping to get back on the "once a month" thing, if I can.

Also, thank you very much for the suggestions! :glomp: Could I bother you to send me the names of those artists in a note, anyway? (I don't care if I get multiple ones.) Comments get lost soooo fast. :faint: Notes are much easier for me to keep organized. :)
EnchantedEquine Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I watched everyone on there! :) They are all amazing artists!
Crazy-Sparkles Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's wonderful! I'm so glad to hear it! :glomp:
EnchantedEquine Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Student Digital Artist
No problem! :heart:
ANIMALGIRL1869 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2012
this is a great feature and a great thing you are doing here.
Crazy-Sparkles Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)
ANIMALGIRL1869 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
you're welcome :D
PinkPonyFarts Featured By Owner May 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Can I just thank you for featuring a traditional artist who didn't specialise in realism!!! :squee: THANKYOU!~
Crazy-Sparkles Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah well, you know me. I call 'em as I see 'em.

For whatever reason, most "inspirational" equine art is realistic in nature. Whether that's because artists prefer realism to depict inspirational scenes, most artist's here haven't found their unrealistic "style" or prefer not to use it, or a realistic piece is the best style to use for such things, I'm not sure. But there are a few Stylized Artists out there that truly do inspirational things with their unrealistic styles, and if I can find them, I will feature them! :w00t:

If you prefer stylized equine art, I recommend trying #StylizedEquines and/or #EarnestlyEquine.
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