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Journals by SomersetRaven

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FEATURE!!!!!This is my first feature, so there will be a lot of art! Enjoy!
stars are dancing, by lairelark MY SENSE OF FEAR IS RUNNING THIN by skies-will-fall I Will Burn And Shine... by SkysTheLimitStudio i set my body on fire - art trade by s-uperflu0us here comes the pain - commission by s-uperflu0us Amethyst by Sanguaze 'til the shine wears off by Seluias At World's End by Idhrill Honey Bee by iamnixty Tarnished by i-mi .:IN THE ARMS OF AN ANGEL:. by trappedpigeon aphrodites graveyard. by trappedpigeon blue lips, blue veins... by trappedpigeon Here Forever by Riarious AS HE WAITS FOR JUDGEMENT by zeni-graphics fairytale. by cara-bailey-ilu :thumb344915827: The Darkest Forest by lusterrox M I S E R Y B U S I N E S S by RidingInLongSocks SEARCH FOR GEMSTONES AND FIND ME by falitna Sands of Time by Yumpy Take me down by erraticstudios commission: Spellbound by jasmine-autumn Little Light of Mine by jasmine-autumn AT: it's a lonely road to absolution by Chocomix If Heaven is Not Enough by Chocomix C: boulevard of broken dreams by Chocomix Hero et Leander by Kiwiaa Life isn't fair by Kiwiaa Burning by Kiwiaa Ruined by Kiwiaa .Summer. |COMM| by xDividedx Comm: ThisCouldBeParadise by foolishsunsets .Gemstones. |TRADE| by xDividedx I Used To Be Snow White by Black-Lotus-Designs We Danced by rhinebeck Somebody by Moonstone-Designs When You Feel The First Spring's Breath... by Idhrill Who needs wings to fly? by ceara WHEN THE WORLD IS OURS by Ehrendi The Chase by Esveeka hallelujah.. by devils-horizon
A Dream Created by Kezzi-Rose :th

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February 2, 2013
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Under Appreciated

Hidden Talent: Digital Art
Watchers: (as of 01/03) Fifty-Seven
Gold by Aivoree :thumb318308024: :thumb285769106:

Hidden Talent: Photography
Watchers: (as of 01/03) Sixty-Five
Timberty by Wieneke Zizo by Wieneke Dressage by Wieneke

Hidden Talent: Digital Art
Watchers: (as of 01/04) Seventy-Eight
Let me fall... by nadinkas Marwari by nadinkas From the fairy tale by nadinkas

Hidden Talent: Photography and Stock
Watchers: (as of 01/07) Nine
A10 by CinderhawkCreative A13 by CinderhawkCreative A3 by CinderhawkCreative

Hidden Talent: Traditional Art
Watchers: (as of 01/27) Thirty-Nine
unconditional love by Jniq Appaloosa horse Gentl by Jniq Portrait Uppojono by Jniq

Hidden Talent: Manipulation
Watchers: (as of 01/19) Forty-Nine

Desert Miraj by hp-fallenangel Starfish Sea by hp-fallenangel Desolace Copy by hp-fallenangel

Hidden Talent: Digital Art
Watchers: (as of 01/19) Eleven

Breeze by Pyllyrasva icelandic by Pyllyrasva swedish draft by Pyllyrasva

Hidden Talent: Artisan Crafts
Watchers: (as of 01/21)

Sheza Carnival custom painted lilac roan appy by arcadian7 Customized Weather Girl McNeely/Lorello by arcadian7 Sophie Feral Horse resin black appaloosa by arcadian7

Hidden Talent: Manipulation
Watchers: (as of 01/21)

Little Black Submarines by All-the-Kings-Horses Dancing in the Dark by All-the-Kings-Horses THE SOUND OF IRON by All-the-Kings-Horses

Hidden Talent: Digital Art
Watchers: (as of 01/24)

Sweet Pony by Avorage The Horse Kongur by Avorage Horse hug by Avorage

Neighing Newbies

Gallery Focus: Photography
:thumb348825348: :thumb348691899: :thumb351499850:

Gallery Focus: Manipulation
Joined: 09/12/2012
look after you by tempe-studios she's so beautiful by tempe-studios i could be an accident but i'm still trying by tempe-studios

Gallery Focus: Traditional Art
Joined: 01/11/2013
Horog and Matiz by dreamcatcherGala frosty morning by dreamcatcherGala raven mare by dreamcatcherGala

Gallery Focus: Photography
Joined: 03/01/2012
winter day by PASSiON--PHOTO * by PASSiON--PHOTO Tinker by PASSiON--PHOTO

Gallery Focus: Manipulation
Young Wild and Free by KrystallizedArt I'll never let go. by KrystallizedArt Living My Own Life by KrystallizedArt

Gallery Focus: Manipulation
The Baby Deer by FAWN-FRECKLES Wanderers by FAWN-FRECKLES Torasin by FAWN-FRECKLES

Gallery Focus: Jack-of-all-Trades
Sandstorm by Cristalhoof Anska 4 by Cristalhoof Thru the Forest by Cristalhoof

Gallery Focus: Traditional Art
2 by ElenaShved Friesian Horse at Black by ElenaShved Blue Eyes by ElenaShved

Inspirational Equine Work

Artisan Crafts
Horse in clay by tanadelbianconiglio Ayalah by scenceable _Harry_ by Ethereal-Beings Hickstead, an olympic horse and legend by Wolfje1975 Arabian by olllga81 Friesian Mare horse by ElizavetaGorojankina Niranye 4 by Cristalhoof Nyx by Escaron Stellar Horse by hontor Sorrel Unicorn by Ethereal-Beings (Spanish) Whistle Jacket by CinnamonStudios Sonny by Viant-T Snowflake by BizarreAloha Woodburning - Horses by AnastasiasArts :thumb349524962: Hippocampus Atlanticus by hontor Tranquil by paperhorses Unicorn in Captivity by SovaeArt Paleolithic Unicorn #1 by Metal-Lark horse by RGarabal Dapple Horse Maquette by NatAsplund

Fields of Gold by ecilARose Spooked by ArchHall Mechanic by Moon-illusion White horse by Aomori Psy-knight by Limfoman Rose by Crickatoo Sleipnir by Raro666 :thumb350438764: Escaped by JulieBales Sweet Pony by Avorage Turbo by blackseagull Swan by UlEos Fantasma by Exotizc Horse in meadow by paler123 Lazarus by DolphyDolphiana Barnabas by VincentFurnier Feathers in the wind by Aomori Nidhogg by Twilight-Veil Lord of Lightning by Qirai Beauty by S1ghtly Study 4 by ArchHall ... by Mikkie33 The Golden Tree by Qirai Black Hole by TheSilverBells Zenyatta by Trisstrae Risen from the magma by UlEos White Tornado by RHADS :thumb348824907: :thumb348074216: The Time Warrior by shereline Muguet by Seenae Smoke horse by Elfsire

ESS -- hinto by opaque-studios Beholder by xdancingintherain The Illusive Man by Yumpy Heaven & Hell by CarharttCreations SPACE ODDITY by birdily rose tinted. by Dactik An Irresistible Force... by snofoxx89 Murdock by Esveeka KESTREL, by V-alkyrie lights out, the fuse has blown by perfectperfection COMMISSION: A Good Omen by THE-WEATHERED-RAVEN The Lightbringer by Esveeka secrets of the earth. by closingtimex Comm: LonelyontheLandIWalk by foolishsunsets Its Ben by BlueBird-Stock Viator [Art trade] by Twistyh-stock Breathing in Snowflakes by Skelvoi The truth may vary by Seluias It's only a game by InsectatorTrux This monster by Yewrezz loneliness adds beauty to life by Dechoise WELL I JUST AIN'T by NEFUR-STUDIOS Love is All I Need by Kaydeniro [comm] My Heart Won't Stop by CarharttCreations winter has arrived by BaukjeSpirit Embrace me by Yewrezz On the Rocks by 3axapko Yesterday by Deltapotamus Touches of Magic (kiriban) by Sarahroo

The Young Stallion by A-Motive Pony In The Snow 2 by PhotographyisArt123 horse yawning by Fransisc My horse by Drifandi I'm Listening by almasart Heart on your face? by HandHugsFTW Winter winds II by attlid 000111 by patagami Koborlo by Hikari-kirin Manic by MissToseland tangles - by s-uperflu0us Hightailin' It by CinderhawkCreative Old Photo-stallion in the woods by Mr-Goldfish Foal- Stock 02 by Hikari-kirin Winter Walk by IxAmxUnknown Does anyone remember this beaut? by equineinnocence Wild by LoisFae Black horse from Olympia horsefarm by Vikarus 255/365 by LinBer Bailarina by LyraWhite Standing Strong by megrandyphotos Workhorses by Valentin-Gl Misty 'N' Fog by CabelaOnly Toteca by Besaid Like Mother, Like Son. by Sarah-Vafidis Lick by HandHugsFTW

Pixel and Animation
Lady by ibeany13 Samatra by ibeany13 horse on a beach avvie by Arucane Headshot commission 2/4 for Pandora-Nordanners by Peccantis .:Animation Lines:. by PeaBlueJr Commission for Elky by Crystal852 Winded by ibeany13 Hivii Icon Commission by Meesha-Moo mimi786123 by ibeany13 Inca Headshot by FireSkip .:LadyCouture:. by ibeany13 Arabian by Meesha-Moo Many Eqcetera Tags!! by caligis Draft by Meesha-Moo

Horse by NutLu Two Horses by tkarl Si seulement... by AlixBelo Hurry up my horses - seven angels by dusanvukovic Horse of Wilderness by AYUVOGUE ARABIAN MARES by robybaer Into the Wind by GeorgiaHorsepainter The Burning Horse by JoakimEricsson A Horse's Hidden Power by elektroyu Topaz by Kuoma :thumb349147284: Texas Quarter Horses by GregSkrtic Gold by ZsofiaGyuker La course vers le soleil by JessicaSansiquet GIFT: year of the white horse by Darya87 Sandokan IV by AmandaDrage Pastel horse by Eija-H Secret Santa by LittleHercy In Move by GabrielGrob Zingaro... by Artsy50 Imperial. by Loginova Fragile. by FanDante Bring It by SerenityStudios


Q: What is "Project Equine"?
A: It's my way of bringing together all corners of the vast dA Equine Community by showcasing the most inspirational work from each category in one place at one time.

Q: How often will the issues come out?
A: Hopefully, once a month! (Health willing!)

Q: What prompted you to start doing this?

A: I was so inspired by Astralseed's Project Porkchop and MichelleWalker/Cricketwing's Horsin' Around that I decided to do something similar! :aww:

Q: How do you find the deviations you feature?
A: I browse through the newest deviations for "horse" under all categories at the end of every day. There are approximately 1000 deviations uploaded under this tag per day, and I can usually get through them in an hour (if I really focus). So, that's about 30hrs give-or-take per issue. :faint:

Q: What do you consider "under-appreciated"?

A: A deviant with exceptional talent that has under 100 watchers.

Q: What do you consider a "newbie"?
A: Someone, who at the time the issue is posted, has only been on deviantART for 1 year or less.

Q: If I know someone I think should be featured, can I note/comment with my suggestion?
A: Yes! Please title your note something along the lines of "Suggestion for Project Equine". (You CANNOT suggest yourself.)

Volume 1Volume 2
If you see any work featured that is stolen or suspected of copyright infringement, please send me a note! Thanks!
    Please comment and let me know if you see duplicates! Thank you!
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